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I've always loved dogs, but I didn't always realize what a joy and comfort they can bring to families, adults and children alike. In July, 2017 my sister was diagnosed with cancer. She was only 17. She is now cancer free! Praise God!   The exact same day she went to the hospital for her very first scan, and the doctors did not like what they saw, her boyfriend bought her a puppy. Our Sid. He has been the world for us! He was such a great comfort for us and he helped bring joy into our lives again. Around the exact time we got Sid I started advertising puppies for neighbors and friends in our area, and what I love about the whole thing is that today I'm still advertising for the same friends and family members as I was back then! 

Julie & I
Sid as a puppy.jpg
therapy dog

Photo 1: Julie and I just a few days before her 18th birthday! 

Photo 2: OUR SID!!!! 

Photo 3: The therapy dog at the hospital when Julie was taking chemo


As I said above, these puppies belong to neighbors, friends or relatives. I have never advertised to list random peoples puppies online. These puppies all come from families I know well or have a close relationship with. They are all dedicated to bringing you healthy and happy puppies every single time! NONE of the puppies on Central Ohio Puppies will EVER come from a puppy mill!! Each and every puppy comes from either a professional breeder or a family dog! We strive for customer satisfaction! So take a look at our puppies who are available for adoption and welcome your next furry pal in your life!

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